My First Sermon (old)

This is an old post. I just preached on Genesis 39. It was ok for a first shot. There were a lot of opportunities I could have made more of and things I could have said that I didn’t. I’m not too disappointed though. It was ok.

I mostly talked about providence and sovereignty, God’s power over the things that take place in His world. The upshot is that we prosper or not according as God sees fit. We do and we suffer evil as well as good according as He sees fit. He is in control and it is from Him that we must look for every good thing.

I talked about the tendency of sin to get worse over time, and the need to be battling it, the fact that it is only overcome through faith.

Another thought was the fact that we are not influential people, but that God accomplishes much through His people, especially those who are not important people. He chose them for that purpose. He is accomplishing more than what we see to be “His work.”

The whole message is available for download here in mp3, or use the media player below.


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