It’s alive

Screenshot of the blog's first day of life.The blog is alive. Installed WordPress last night and did the css design tonight. Here’s a screenshot of the blog’s first design. The design is based on the default “kubrick” wordpress template. Pretty much all that remains of it though, is the two columns.

A very cold image of Hume Lake in the Winter.I started out with an idea that I liked the contrast of cold and hot colors between a couple pictures from Hume Lake, California. One was an autumn sunset through treebranches and the other was a cloudfront rolling through a snowswept valley and over the lake in the valley floor. Both incredible photos, but they just didn’t work out. I wound up using another sunset and leaving out the cold colors aside from the links and such.

A hot image of a Hume Lake sunset through dark branches.I like the look of this design for now. I’m interested to see if it looks as good to me in a week as it does now. I tend to like my work after the fact a lot less than I do as I’m working.

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