The Power of the Foolishness of God

Well, I preached the sermon yesterday. I was much happier with this one than the last. There’s a lot of room for growth. I think I handled the microphone better this time. The passage is one I was totally stoked about. I was really passionate about the passage, but I wasn’t able to express that passion as well as I hoped. I want people to get hold of the understanding of the passage I have in mind, but I also want to communicate to them a passion about the power of God that Paul discusses and about this power in terms of all people, even the ones that are not like us, especially them. If our thoughts are changed but our passions are unaffected, then we haven’t gotten it at all.
I also talked for a long time about the word of the cross without bringing it down to simple terms and telling folks what the word of the cross is. I talked about its power and its implications, but I didn’t say what it was. It’s a point for me to bring every sermon I preach back to that, and I’m surprised I neglected to do that in this sermon. The foolish word of the cross is that we come into the world as enemies to the God who made it. This is why the world sucks so bad and so much bad stuff happens in it. We’re all rebelling against the authority and desires of God. In order to set things right God, came into the world as Jesus and conquered our enemies of Satan sin and death. He did this as a man so that we as people might share in His shame, suffering and death and also in His victory over shame suffering and death. We must love Him. we must follow Him. we must learn from him. We must come to know Him. This can only be done if He changes us, because we are rebelling and we don’t want to know Him, love Him, follow Him or learn from Him. His whoe message sounds a little foolish. Fact is, it is foolish unless He makes us into lovers, knowers, followers of Him, in which case it is powerful. It changes us. We find that we can no longer stand in judgement over the meaning or the truthfulness of the text of the scripture because that text is constructing us.

I wish I would have said that Sunday morning. Oh well. That’s why I’m preaching: to learn.

Here’s the sermon.

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