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Sovereign Grace

I’ve decided I no longer like sovereign grace. It’s a redundancy.


I Won!

Rob R. KittlesonI was pleased to discover in my mailbox this evening an announcement that I had won a modest scholarship from the Economics Department. I am the proud new owner of a 2007-2008 Rob R. Kittleson scholarship. Cool eh?

There’s Kittleson over on the right.

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Glory Passion & Courage

Mucius, who had courage and a great passion for the glory of Rome.There’s a legend told by the Roman historian Livy in his history of Rome called Ex Urbe Condita. In the 6th century BC, Rome was invaded by an Etruscan king, Lars Porsena. Porsena laid siege to the city of Rome. Seeing the city hard pressed and starving, a number of youth were outraged and determined to deliver Rome from the catastrophe and restore the honor and glory of their city. They swore themselves to assassinate Porsena. They drew lots and each would attempt in the order of their lot to kill the enemy king. Read the rest of this entry »


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