Seems pretty sunny in Scotia today…

So, I’ve been studying Greek. I was looking at verse 5 of John 1. The word σκοτια (skotia) appears in that verse and means ‘darkness.’ This really explains a lot about Pacific Lumber’s company town down in Southern Humboldt. :p

Hopefully there aren’t any Scotia locals in the audience today. But, seriously, I wonder where Scotia got it’s name. I think the Romans called the territories of Ireland and Scotland ‘Scotia.’ Maybe that’s where it came from?

Anyhow, it was a pretty amazing verse. It says the Life was the Light of men and in the darkness it is shining, but the darkness has not laid hold of it. The other interesting word is κατελαβεν (katelaben). This is to grasp or cling or lay hold. It’s interesting because it is the word at play in the famous kenosis passage in Philippians 2 that I’ve been writing about in other posts.

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