Nature or Nurture

So, as Christians we believe in a doctrine of original sin. We believe that by nature we are sinful and desperately in need of grace to free us from our own nature. I see this in my own life. I was born with a nature entirely inclined to do evil, to sin. We also believe homosexuality is sinful. Why then do we doubt that there are people born gay or lesbian? We are born sinful. Being gay is sinful. What am I missing. Seems reasonable enough that one way someone might be born sinful is gay. On the other hand, it seems other people aren’t but can begin to have homoerotic desire later in life. Why couldn’t this work both ways?

This seems to be the way people explain their own experiences. Some feel they’ve been gay their whole lives as if it were something they were born with, while others feel it was a choice. Why should we be threatened by either alternative? Both seem very much in keeping with the Biblical account of our nature and our choices. Why have many Christians so heavily invested themselves in a view of homosexuality that insists it can only be a choice?

Just a thought.

“A devil, a born devil, on whose nature
Nurture can never stick;”
~Prospero in The Tempest

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