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I’m back in town

I’m back. I took a summer away resting up and trying to find some time to draw near to God. It was really refreshing, although it was also full of a lot of difficulty. Hopefully I’ll be posting more frequently again now that I’m back in town.

One of the most refreshing parts of my summer was a little book called “A Simple Way to Pray” by Martin Luther. He wrote it for his barber of many years when he asked LutherĂ‚ how he ought to pray. I learned from this book the (obvious?) lesson that I can’t pray well from a cold start. I need to prepare my heart to pray well. Luther would begin by turning to the Gospels and reading a saying of our Lord or some other such passage to warm his heart to pray. When his heart was warmed to pray he would begin. I’ve found that preparing my heart before praying helps me pray much better.

Read Luther’s book. It’s only a letter actually, just a few pages long.

This one reads well online.

This one prints to a booklet if you print it doublesided.

This one is fullsize if the others are hard to read and you don’t mind waiting a moment for the download.


I won my first game in the HSU vs. CSU Long Beach chess tournament

It has been a very long time since I last wrote. Life has been pretty busy, but I had such a great time in this game that I just wanted to post a note about it. It was a sort of online correspondence chess, 3 days per move. It really drew out the excitement. The game can be viewed online here.

He played a good game. He eventually blundered a bishop as he tried to win a pawn and a rook for a rook. I then forced the trade of both queens and he chose to trade the remaining rooks to lead us into the endgame with me a bishop and pawn ahead. I think the position was essentially won at that point. It dragged on for another 20 moves before he resigned. I came close to blundering it myself by moving to centralize my king in the endgame when I should have gone straight for his passed pawn. I caught the error in time to capture the passed pawn before it was too late.

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Do What to Santa Claus?

Ok, I’m a little embarrassed to put this up here, but it’s just golden. A buddy of mine dug this up from who knows where. Someone we went to high school with must have had it laying around and someone digitized it.

Me and a couple buddies were in an aquatics class during my Junior year. We thought it would be a pretty easy A because we were swimmers and polo players. We lived in the water already. How hard could it be? We were right, except for one unit of the class, synchronized swimming. How could we maintain our adolescent sense of masculinity and compose a synchronized swimming routine? Here’s the result.

I think we took at least one of the shirts out of the lost & found in the locker rooms. If I remember we composed the whole routine the night before and it was nothing but each of the required movements one after the other. We added in a Hungarian drill from polo and then we did a throw to show off the treading water skills. The fellas threw me completely out of the water without touching bottom. The camerawork really falters at that point, but it was a pretty sweet little maneuver. Click on the image to see the full video.

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I Won!

Rob R. KittlesonI was pleased to discover in my mailbox this evening an announcement that I had won a modest scholarship from the Economics Department. I am the proud new owner of a 2007-2008 Rob R. Kittleson scholarship. Cool eh?

There’s Kittleson over on the right.

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Feminist Vision & Strategy

Someone recently suggested to me that the possible responses of the Church to feminism are threefold. He said,

  1. You could denounce feminism and argue feminists disagree with the Bible. Of course that approach actually supports feminist arguments so it might very well have the opposite effect in terms of convincing people.
  2. You could try and nit pick at the facts feminist arguments are based on. This might work but you don’t have a congregation full of conservatives. Most of them could do the same thing with the Bible, so in that fight feminism probably wins.
  3. You could say that metaphor is a type of fashion and every believer can construct there own metaphorical language. There is no real Tiamet to worship, however it’s possible to relate to the God of the Bible in a female way. Christianity never asserts that God has actual gender. You could use female pronouns for “God the Father.” Jesus represents the dying Corn God. You could start using that sort of language, “he died so that all life could be renewed.” Try and create a syncretic faith and then pull that syncretic faith closer to orthodoxy and thus win the people’s hearts for Christ.

I disagree. Read the rest of this entry »


God-centered Epistemology

Well, I’m pretty stoked right now about a meeting I had on Monday. The church offered me an opportunity to preach my second sermon on Sunday the 11th, week after next. The passage is 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5. It’s a passage I’ve thought about for a while now, long before I knew I would preach it; even before I knew the church was going to work through the book of First Corinthians.

Partly, this was because of one of my classes last semester. I took Feminist Theory and Practice. A large part of the class was dedicated to questions of knowledge and epistemology, the philosophy of knowledge. I think the first chapter of 1 Corinthians lays out Paul’s epistemology. Read the rest of this entry »

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Darwin & Racism

Small Races & SkullsWow! Things have been busy. School just started this week and it’s been crazy. Haven’t had much time for blogging. During one of my classes this week we watched a PBS video called “Race: the power of an Illusion.” It traces the way race as a concept has been strategically deployed throughout the history of the US in order to serve specific political, economic and social interests. One of the more interesting facets of this treatment of race was the discussion of the ways race has been handled by the scientific community. Read the rest of this entry »

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